Orange Blossom 55% with Almonds
  • Orange Blossom 55% with Almonds

    Ingredients for 55%

    Fine European cacao (64%), Cacao butter, Natural Sugar, Soya emulsifier, Natural Vanilla, Pure extracts of whole dried flowers, teas, herbs and spices.

    Zero Additives No butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase or artificial flavours

    Nutrition Information: for 55%

    Net Wt. 50g

    Calories per bar   220 kJ

    Serving per bar   2

    Calories per serving  110 KJ

    Serving size   25g

    Qty. per 25 g

    Carbohydrates   8g

    Protiens  2.2g

    Fats       9.7g

    Sugar    6.5g


    Refrigerate in an air and moisture tight container. A white film can sometimes appear due to temperature changes however please note the chocolate is good to eat with no effect on quality.

    Best before six months of manufacturing date.

    Gift Recommendation

    Combine this with other bars of your choice and our beautiful gift box with your personal custom message hand written in gold~

    • We prefer to make the products fresh as possible.